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In 1982 S&S Cremation Urns was opened by Wally Snyder a Funeral Director from Holgate, Ohio. He desired a quality cremation urn for his business and after much searching with no luck he decided instead to open a company and create his own American made urns. He contacted a local ceramic business ran by Mary Birkemeier and they started working together to produce a Quality product for his clientele. Over the next 30 years he expanded his footprint to include several large funeral supply vendors as well as fellow funeral home directors. In 2015 he decided it was time to retire and searched for a someone willing to carry on the urn company. It was at this point the current owner Steve Birkemeier proposed to buy both Wally and Mary's businesses to carry on his mothers legacy and produce quality products for the cremation urn industry. This involved moving the business to Southern Missouri where Steve and his wife had moved when he got out of the Army in 2003, after serving 8 years. Due to business growth in 2021 Steve again moved the business from a 1200sq. ft shop at his home to a 8000sq. ft manufacturing facility in Pomona, Mo where it is located today. Along with this move the company changed its name to American Urn Company in order to better describe the company's mission. With the move Steve is in the process of hiring staff, increasing productivity, and adding more inventory styles, to better serve his funeral vendors. Please give the company a call if we can help you with cremation urns. Thank you for supporting an American made Veteran owned business.



We are a distributor of cremation urns. We WHOLESALE urns to the funeral industry.

Veteran owned family business
with 40+ years of experience!